History of Riceville-Pendleton United Charge

 A Genesis Co-operative Member

Riceville-Pendleton Executive Members
Reverend Phyllis Dietrich,  Minister (June 1st, 2011)

Genesis Cooperative Representatives
Karen Clemens-Hovey, Isabel Kinnear

Chair of the Joint Board of Managers
Don Kinnear

Chair of Joint Annual Meeting
Lila Howard

Recording Steward
Catherine Clemens

Central Treasurer
John Clemens

Assistant Treasurer
Lowell Blaney

Assistants to Central Treasurer
Karen Clemens-Hovey

Mission & Service Treasurer/Representative
Karen Clemens-Hovey

Presbytery Representatives
Margaret Scott, Karen Clemens-Hovey

Presbytery Alternates
Catherine Clemens, Helen Lalonde

Financial Examiners
Helen Lalonde

United Church Observer Representative
Eleanor Kerr

Sunday School Executive
Eleanor Kerr, Lila Howard

Sunday School Assistants
Renee & Marc Yuill

Catherine Clemens

Newsletter Committee
Margaret Scott – Editor

Website Committee 
Christine Edwards, Karen Clemens-Hovey

Website Photographers
Angela Edwards, Sydney Presley

Stewardship Representative
Karen Clemens-Hovey 

Ministry & Personnel Rep to Genesis Council
Catherine Clemens 

Riceville United Church 2015
Congregational Executive
John Clemens( Chair), Catherine Clemens(Secretary),Karen Clemens-Hovey, Lila Howard,

Margaret Scott, Murray Wilson

Margaret Scott

Financial Examiner
John Clemens, Jennifer Monk

Catherine Clemens,  John Clemens 

 John Clemens, Margaret Scott

Franklin Corner's Cemetery Committee
Catherine Clemens, John Clemens, Neil Scott, Ken Wilkes 

Pendleton United Church 2015
Congregational Executive
Helen Lalonde (Chair), Isabel Kinnear (Secretary)

All Congregation

Isabel Kinnear

Financial Examiners
Helen Lalonde

Lowell Blaney, Arden Johnston, Don Kinnear, Marc Yuill

Lowell Blaney, Ida Foster, Eleanor Kerr, Willard Presley

Glenburn Cemetery Committee
Alma Presley, Willard Presley, Elda White, Gordon Wylie, Harold Wylie

Westminster Cemetery Committee
 Valerie Reid (Chair) 613-673-5064 email valeriereid@xplornet.ca, James Dixon, 

Sheila Johnston (Secretary), Doug McHugh (Treasurer), Douglas Robillard, Kurt Robillard, Connie Woloschuk 

Faith Lift Maintenance Committee
Eleanor Kerr, Don Kinnear

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         History of Riceville United Church

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Aug. 21st and 28th.


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